• Grilled Chicken served with Mac and Cheese, BBQ sauce and three different side dishes
  • Frozen cocktail in glass
  • A bottle of BBQ sauce, closeup


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Our story

I was later raised by my Jamaican stepfather, who allowed me to experience the wonderful flavors of his homeland, Jamaica. As a little girl I was his junior chef. In the kitchen my stepfather was like a mad scientist, whipping and tasting for perfection. He would visit Jamaica yearly and bring home spices, root vegetables, fruits, and local delicacies to enjoy throughout the year. My stepfather and I would spend hours in the kitchen trying to replicate the flavors of Jamaican dishes and after great practice we mastered the wonderful flavors of home!

Alongside of my culinary experience with my stepfather I had the privilege of spending quality time with my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother, whom we called ''Big Mama''. My Grandma and Big Mamma taught me all the family's soul food recipes, mostly bakeries and canning techniques. Which allowed me a priceless experience in the culinary world!